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Leman Manhattan Preparatory School

Middle School program - средняя школа

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Описание учебной программы
The Middle School program at Léman Manhattan is designed to provide the students with a challenging yet nurturing school experience. Amid academically enriching and demanding classes is the understanding that students need to acquire skills in context to be successful learners. These skills become part of their “tool belt” for learning which they will utilize in high school and beyond. They learn how to think critically – how to manage their time, how to study for tests.

Critical thinking is extremely important to the Middle School curriculum. By 5th Grade students become logical and start to see that their decisions impact others around them and their own success. We believe that if we start laying those building blocks as to how to make good choices and how evaluate sources and information they have the building blocks they need to achieve greater success in the future academics and in life.

We recognize that Middle School is more than just academics. Each student is part of a small advisory group. The Léman Manhattan Prep Middle School Advisory Program is intended to offer students a safe, supportive forum for dealing with issues of significance to them. Advisory groups focus on issues that relate to students in their roles as people, as learners and as members of the community. The ultimate goal is for students to understand themselves better in each of these roles and to become advocates for themselves as learners. Throughout the year, students explore topics as varied as building strong character, developing personal goals, celebrating accomplishments within and outside of school, and examining the factors that enhance and interfere with their learning.

Extra-curricular offerings are an important part of our students’ life as they discover new activities and interests. These include athletic, theatrical, and other high-interest clubs. The building itself serves as a community for our students as they utilizes the various spaces before, during and after school.

Lastly, we strongly believe a partnership with parents is an essential part of a successful middle school experience. Advisors meet with parents and students twice a year to review each child’s goals and progress. Conferences are led by the student with support from the advisor Working together in the best interest of the children is vital to the success of each child.
Leman Manhattan Preparatory School
Located in the heart of Lower Manhattan, Léman Manhattan Preparatory School is an international learning community committed to educating, empowering and inspiring students from early childhood through Grade 12 to be confident, independent critical thinkers.

Our mission at Léman Manhattan Prep is to equip young minds with the knowledge and skills they need to evaluate, compare, and make thoughtful choices so that they can become informed and engaged citizens of the world. Our goal, first and foremost, is to provide the highest-caliber educational experience in ways that build character and confidence. We accomplish this, in great part, by offering highly personalized instruction designed to address each student's unique learning style and needs. Therefore our class sizes are small to ensure greater individual attention. And our open and constant communication between parents, teachers, students and administrators and the other nine Meritas schools is a unique component of our values and approach.

Our facilities offer state-of-the-art technology, spacious classrooms and work spaces filled with natural light, competition pools in each campus, regulation size gyms, professional performing arts auditoriums and a large roof play area.
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