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Three years ago during the inauguration of our High School, an innovative school was envisioned where students would see themselves as world citizens, prepared for the 21st century by a challenging academic curriculum, by a variety programs in the arts and athletics, and by opportunities for leadership and service in our city and in our school.

For this academic year, we will have our first graduating class in June 2013. The High School eagerly anticipates building on what has been accomplished during its first two years with the resources now available via our new relationship with the Meritas family of schools. With sister schools in Switzerland, Mexico, China and throughout the United States, the opportunities for learning with our fellow students via exchanges, seminars and workshops are numerous and most exciting.

The benefits of this relationship have already been realized as four LMPS 11th Graders studied this summer at Balliol College, Oxford University, in a unique Meritas program focusing on “The Challenges of Democracy.” Three Léman Manhattan students also participated in the Meritas Student Government Summit held in Phoenix in mid-August, preparing them for the leadership challenges and opportunities awaiting them this year.

The High School’s Project Week NYC is a unique learning experience for our students. During the interim week between semesters, Léman Manhattan students leave the traditional classroom to take advantage of New York City’s extraordinary cultural and educational opportunities. Inspired by what the city offers, the week culminates with students managing their own learning by proposing and completing substantial projects with the guidance of a faculty advisor.

Committed to service, students participate in New York Says Thank You, march in the Kids Walk supporting pediatric cancer research, serve meals to the homeless at Trinity Church, and raise funds for numerous charitable causes. Our students take pride in their roles in developing our High School and contribute significantly through student government, publications and their participation in our co-curricular programs.

Believers in physical fitness and the benefits of team and individual sports, Léman Manhattan High School students compete successfully in soccer, basketball, swimming, volleyball, golf, cross country running, track and field, and girls’ softball. In addition, LMPS High School is proud of its student athletes who compete on the national stage in swimming, ice skating and golf.

Our small class size encourages our students to pursue a wide range of interests and to take active responsibility for the well-being and growth of our High School community. Every student is empowered to participate in the creation of a caring and engaging community of learners.

You are invited a visit to our school and consider becoming a part of the dynamic, challenging and rewarding world of Léman Manhattan High School.